Platinum LED Grow Lights

Platinum LED Grow Lights from Burpee

LED Lighting is the wave of the future
Full Description

LED Grow Lights are the very best that we have found for growing vegetables, flowers and herbs indoors, with higher yields, increased flavor and nutrition. The difference is the PAR or Photosynthetic Active Radiation (the measurement of the light intensity emitted). With a PAR of 350 (for the P-150 and 683 for the P-300) these are the most powerful lights that target critical plant light needs. You’ll experience lower energy costs and better results compared to all other lighting types. A full 12-band light spectrum and selectable switch for 2 growth stages adds to the amazing performance of these units. Now you can grow almost anything indoors all year round! Grow Tomatoes, Peppers, and much more. Industry leading 5 year warranty. Easy to install. Model P-150 : Full Spectrum LED. Size: 19”l x 5”w x 3”h. (50/87 watts) Model P-300: Extra Spectrum LED. Size: 19”l x 9”w x 3”h. (93/180 watts). We recommend Ratchet Hooks for height adjustment

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