Caribbean Cacao Ultimate Cocoa Butter – Delightfully Rich Scent & Highest Quality, From our exclusive source in the Dominican Republic.

The real deal!!

I’m really skeptical about the products I buy. I read hundreds of comments so I understand the importance of an accurate review. I had a scar on my face and the scab would peel off and form again. It did this for a week straight. I was so worried about a scar. I started putting this product on it and it cleared it up in a matter of days. I give pieces to my friends and family and they love it. I make body lotion with this product as well and it turns out great. This product is 10000% better than palmers cocoa butter. It smells like real cocoa butter! I don’t know how else to describe it! This product is great and I will be buying again in a few months.

Update review:
I love this product and have ordered it several times. I recently ordered some more on July 31. It was not fresh. It was grainy and didn’t melt easily. I contacted the seller and they shipped out another bar right away! This one is much better and good quality. I will continue to buy from them and I stand by my 5 stars! Great product backed great owners! Thank you!