Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow, Pack of 3, 1 L Each

I’ve been using Advanced Nutes for over three years now, I was buying it today when I decided to read some reviews for this product. I’ve found this was perfect for me as a beginner hydro grower, now I still use it out of the convenience for no ph monitoring. From the reviews I’ve read, perhaps I can give some tips:

Directions: Located on the side of the bottle, or for more detailed instructions check out the website, you can set all parameters and create custom made grow plans, free, awesome!

Price: I keep seeing this reviewed as an expensive product, some of the additional nutes are expensive, but this Base is cheap, most products sell 1 liter for $16, here you get 3 liters for $32.

PH perfect variations: Following the instructions means you’re using this in a hydro base; water, coco, etc. I’ve had 0 variations oh ph no matter what water I use. It’s always 5.4, which is perfect for what I grow.


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