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There is a long list of benefits to eating organic foods. Organic foods are considered safer, pesticide free, and contain many more nutrients than buying food at the store. It is very easy to avoid purchasing organic products because the price is far more expensive than the pesticide filled and genetically altered garbage being sold commercially. Growing your own organic garden awards you with both better nutrition and a gratifying hobby.

When I first got started in organic gardening, I spent way too many hours online weeding through a myriad of low quality sites riddled with advertisements. I picked out the gems of information as I forged my way through the Internet learning as much as I could on how to successfully grow an organic garden at home. Since starting my own garden I have become more physically fit and I have truly enjoyed the fruits (and vegetables) of my labor!

This website is designed to share with you the wealth of knowledge I have learned while trying to grow an organic garden. My goal is to help you become as successful as I have. Here you will find several different ways to get the most out of your organic garden while avoiding beginner mistakes. No matter what time of year it is, there is at least one vegetable at its prime time to grow!

Although organic gardening takes a bit more work than growing a flower bed, it is time well spent and well rewarded. Here you will find articles about the things that have made my healthy organic gardening easier and more productive. I have learned tons about
hydroponics (gardening without soil), raised beds (really saves my back) and I even produce my own fertilizer with worms!

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