DWC Hydroponic System Growing Kit – Large Airstone, Rockwool, 6 Site (Holes) Bucket with Air Pump – Complete Hydroponics Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit for Kitchen – Grow Super Fast (6 Sites)

✔ EASY USE, COMPLETE KIT… everything you need to grow your own organic food & herbs, includes airstone, rockwool, powerful air pump & medium sized DWC bucket, water indicator, assemble instructions, tube & clay pebble
✔ 3-5 TIMES FASTER THAN SOIL…our hydroponic growing kit creates big plants, fast; their roots get full nourishment without searching soil for it. The perfect indoor herb garden kit
✔ PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS & SCHOOLS with E-BOOK… this is one of the best hydroponic system kits for those starting out as indoor vegetable growers, or for children & teachers doing projects in class
✔ BRING THE GARDEN INDOORS…avoid bad weather, acid rich soils, slugs and pests by growing healthy fresh herbs, salads, veggies, flowers & fruits. Ideal for lovers of organic food
✔ FRESH & GOOD FOR YA… get full-power health benefits from your homegrown food; it keeps its vitamins, tastes better & unlike shop veg, hasn’t travelled far. Go organic & show folks the way!

Organic Salsa Garden Seed Kit – 13 Varieties of Heirloom Non-GMO Vegetable and Herb Seeds – Tomatoes, Peppers, and Onions

Product description
Grow Your Own Salsa!

This Salsa Garden Kit by Rebel Gardens has all the seeds you need to grow an amazing batch of salsa. It makes a great beginners garden project (especially fun for kids) and it makes a great gift.

Featuring 13 organic varieties of the most popular salsa ingredients:

Roma Tomatoes – 30 seeds
Cilantro – 25 seeds
Red Onion – 21 seeds
Anaheim Pepper – 20 seeds
Texas Early Grano Onion – 20 seeds
Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper – 20 seeds
Tomatillo – 30 seeds
Red Marconi Pepper – 20 seeds
Jalapeno – 20 seeds
Poblano Pepper – 20 seeds
Sweet Basil – 125 seeds
Habernero Pepper – 20 seeds
Red Bell Pepper – 20 seeds
All seed counts are approximate and based on weight.

Rebel Garden seeds are always 100% Orgainc, non-GMO, and grown in the USA so you can buy with confidence.

Hemp Extract + MCT Oil (1000mg) – From 100% Organic Colorado Grown Hemp Seed By Better2Day

This is an awesome very high quality hemp extract, I could tell right away from trying on the arriving day. Very thick texture, pure taste not mixed with any flavor oils. Really good product, totally worth the money. They sell similar amount of hemp products in the stores for 2-3 times more expensive, so again this is a good price for the quality and amount of hemp.
For me personally hemp oil helps with anxiety, stress, mood control, pms, migraines and insomnia. Products with less then 1200 don’t make a difference for me though. If you’re on the same page, I also suggest to order 1500mg and up of the active ingredient.
About the product
DON’T BE FOOLED BY CHEAP IMITATIONS! Most Hemp oil supplements offer weak formulas with synthetic fillers or with ordinary coconut oil! With Better2Day Hemp Extract + MCT Oil you are guaranteed the highest quality of hemp homegrown in Colorado, USA for the best absorption and maximum bioavailability.
HEMP EXTRACT VS HEMP SEED OILS – You can buy hemp seeds and hemp seed oil in stores, but it is not the same as “hemp extract”. Hemp extract is derived from the entire hemp plant – leaves, stalks and flowers and contains more nutrients, including a wealth of phytonutrients and healthy fats. Great for immunity, nervous system support, heart health support, antioxidant protection and more.
MCT oil metabolizes and forms ketone bodies. The ketone bodies can be used all over the body for energy. MCT supports hormones, gut health, immune health, better brain and memory function.
MADE IN USA & ALLERGY FREE – Legal in all 50 states. This non-psychotropic blend is Free Of Soy, Milk, Egg, Shellfish, Corn, Wheat & Peanuts. Contains NO Gluten, Fillers, Binders, Or Preservatives. Manufactured Under The Highest U.S Quality Regulations and Standards. Free Of Contamination, Molds And Toxins.
100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEED. If you don’t absolutely LOVE this Better2Day product… For ANY reason whatsoever, simply send us a message and we will be happy to offer you a fast, prompt refund.

NOW Foods Organic Macadamia Oil, 16-Ounce

I bought this to make Paleo Mayonnaise… I had never heard of it but after reading the reviews I figure what the heck, if it doesn’t taste good I can put it in my hair or on my skin…. Guess what… it’s great… it taste wonderful… I fried chicken in it last night,delicious… I’ve used it in salad instead of olive oil, delicious… I love putting it on my skin because it smells wonderful… haven’t tried on my hair yet… but I’m sure it will work miracles… The Paleo Mayonnaise Rocks!!!
I’ll be order a lot more of this oil… Give it a go…

Mr. Sprout & Co Organic Vegetable Garden Kit – Vegetable Garden Seed Starter Kit for Kids, Adults Or Gift Idea- Includes Seeds for Cherry Tomatoes, Broccoli, Onions, Carrots, Zucchini

We ordered this as something fun to do with our family. My kids were so excited when we ordered it that they counted down the days before it arrived. We were impressed with the excellent packaging and the kit as a whole. It comes with everything we needed to start our little sun flower garden! This is an excellent product that is literally a complete kit!

Double Switch Bloom/Veg 900W LED Plant Grow Light,Full Spectrum 900W Plant Light for Indoor Plants Growing- 900W(10W LEDs 90Pcs)

Double Switch Bloom/Veg 900W LED Plant Grow Light,Full Spectrum 900W Plant Light for Indoor Plants Growing- 900W(10W LEDs 90Pcs)

Tabletop Glow n Grow Light

Ideal for starting seeds indoors. Fits all our kits.

Full Description

Give your seeds the light they need to become healthy and strong. Just plug in and grow! Comes complete with sturdy frame, fully adjustable light box and two 24″ LED bulbs. Fits all our seed starting trays and kits. Measures: 20 ½ inches tall, 27 ½ inches wide, 12 inches deep.

Letsfit Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer Watch, Waterproof Smart Watch Activity Tracker with Step Counter, Sleep Monitor, Step Tracker for Kids Women and Men

I originally purchased this as a gift for my sister but decided to keep it for myself! I love the health features – step count, calories burned, heart rate. But I’m surprised how many features it has for the price. I was planning on replacing my fitbit anyway but this is leaps and bounds above the fitbit functions. It’s basically an affordable apple watch! I just got everything synced up and am pleasantly surprised by the call and message alerts – bonus that I don’t have to look at my phone all the time to decide if I’m going to answer/reply. Definitely happy with this purchase.

GARDEN MAGIC MICROORGANISMS 100% Organic Probiotics For Plants

GARDEN MAGIC MICROORGANISMS 100% Organic Probiotics For Plants – Microbe Fertilizer For Plant Disease Control – Beneficial Bacteria For Plants – Concentrate

I run a large organic community garden. We grow several tons of produce for our local food pantry. One of the biggest problems that we have is rot on our green leafy plants and rust on our tomatoes. I bought Garden Magic from Terra Nova to help combat that. Garden Magic helps break down matter in the soil to make it more beneficial to the plants. With a stronger internal structure the plants can’t withstand more stresses from the environment. This is a great product for the casual home gardener as well as larger scale farmers like myself.