This is my story of how I discovered what to do . . .

I was fed up with reading conflicting advice, planting lots of varieties, experimenting with fertilizer and watering, losing too many tomatoes to disease and only getting a couple of kilos each harvest. I was at my wits end. Then I had a stroke of good luck! I ran into a former colleague who I hadn't seen for some time. She has a Masters Degree in Plant Disease and works as a Plant Nutrition Advisor for a global company in the horticultural industry. I begged her to tell me what I was doing wrong! She came around and had a look at my plants and in 5 minutes flat she had diagnosed four simple problems! All those months of frustration ended right there. She saved me heaps of time and money with her advice. While we were talking a neighbour popped in and soon she began telling my friend about the problems she was having with her crop. So we went next door and had a look at her plants and sure enough she had a few of the same problems as well, plus a couple of extra ones. The Mistakes We Were Making . . .

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1. We'd both been using the wrong fertilizers at the wrong growth stages

2. We were both guilty of incorrect pruning, so our plants were covered with lots of small fruit and not too many big ones

3. Neither of us had a clue really when it came to watering, particularly during the severe drought we'd just lived through.

4. Some of my plants had end rot, a common problem which is easy to fix when you know how.

5. Some of my neighbour's fruits were deformed and some had black spots on them.

Within minutes Lucia (my former colleague) had told us how to fix these problems and what we needed to do when we planted our next crop to minimise the chances of these issues happening again. Sure enough, my next crop was a lot healthier than I had ever been able to achieve before, and so was my neighbour's. Needless to say our surrounding neighbours and visiting friends were amazed (and a little envious I suspect) to see the transformation. They wanted to know what we had done, if they too could meet my friend. I contacted Lucia and told here she'd caused a bit of stir among tomato growers in my area!  Lots of people wanted her help. However she is in great demand professionally and travels extensively with her job, training university researchers, professional growershorticulturists and garden produce store owners. When she's not traveling she's writing technical articles about plant nutrition and disease control and conducting crop trials.

We Needed to Make This Valuable Knowledge Available to Everyone!

We had a dilemma. How could Lucia's valuable knowledge be made available to all home growers, instead of just the professional growers? I'll tell you how . . . We decided to put it all into a book. A book which is focused totally on tomatoes. Lucia sifted through her reams and reams of technical articles and presentations and I gave her a hand putting it all together into simple language that we could all understand. We added hundreds of photos and captions to make it even better. I canvassed all my friends and neighbors to find out what they wanted to know most and made sure that the book had all the answers they needed. We then talked to growers in other countries to find out what they wanted to know and made sure that those questions were also answered. So, we've ended up with a whopping 80 page "Bible" of tomato growing tips. A book filled with an incredible amount of detail and photos on every aspect of choosing, planting and cultivating healthy tasty tomatoes. A book which provides all the answers for tomato lovers in every country, no matter how small (or big) your garden is, or what sort of problems you face.

 "How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes"

IS A GIANT compendium with all the answers and hundreds of photos

IMPORTANT: The facts contained in How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes are the result of years of research.  This book is a valuable reference guide which is used around the world by professional horticulturists and novice gardeners alike. The book was written by a highly qualified and well respected plant expert.  It was not written by an "author for hire" and it is not based on amateur's anecdotes.


I have a copy of this great book called How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes which is certainly a "must have" for anyone wanting to grow healthy tomato plants. Written by a plant nutrition and disease specialist who is an expert advisor to professional growers and horticulturists, it's jam packed with all sorts of great info, including 260 colour photos. It contains a wealth of information on soil preparation, growing in pots and greenhouses, staking, irrigation, nutrition, disease control and pest control. It also has a section on organic growing and growing by the moon phases. It comes with a CD which contains a huge database of 1300 varieties, plus 4 extra bonus files. I can highly recommend purchasing it - it's available as an ebook for instant download or in glossy hard cover format, delivered by airmail. Here's the link below.

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